Meerkat is simple to use and packed with features:

For Schools

Meerkat’s news and emergency alert application keeps busy students, parents and faculty in­formed of all the latest news, alerts and event information in your school and community.

  • School Related Alerts
  • School Events Calendar
  • Athletics Notices
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For Community

Meerkat will deliver emergency push notifications directly to your mobile device in the event of an emergency in your area, or any area you choose to follow. You can even send notices to your community!

  • Security Alerts & Amber Alerts
  • Weather Warnings
  • Local News, Garage Sales, Lost Pets, & More!
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For Small Business

Meerkat enables small businesses to reach their immediate community directly with special notices and offers that drive instant awareness and sales.

  • Generate Sales Today
  • Deals Posted Within Hours
  • Priced well below newspaper ads
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