Helping neighbors discover the happening in their communities

TwitZIP delivers local neighborhood news, events information, and emergency alerts to over 32,000 zip code twitter accounts across the nation.

How does TwitZIP work?

TwitZIP sources local information from various news sources, event calendars, and emergency network integrations then tweets it out to millions of followers every day.

News Sources

We source news from hundreds of local sources from across the country and deliver the local content to each local Twitter account.

Event Calendars

We source local event information from both national and community calendars to keep neighborhoods up to date on the events local to them.

Emergency Networks

We have integrated with FEMA, NOAA and local law enforcement resources to help keep communities safe and informed!

With over 32,000 localized Twitter accounts, TwitZIP provides a very unique opportunity for businesses trying to reach local audiences in a very effective manner.
Daniel Rossi - GeekWire

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